Hi everyone, first off i dont mean to sound stupied or ill informed but i have read the how to guides on the website concerning bluetooth and pocket pc connection, however still all has failed.

First off im using a HP IPAQ H2000 i think?!? , running PPC 2003 Premium Edition. The Computer is windows XP SP2 Home. The dongle is made by Windigo.

I have tried every guide still nothing, tried the trouble shooting FAQ aswell. still nothing. this is driving me to WIFI the PPC, but i would still just like to get it work. SO. does anybody have any ideas. The main issue is instead of connecting via the blue tooth and then to the LAN, it tries to connect through bluetooth then dial and modem instead, even when i have deleted the settings they magically reappear. starting to drive me made this whole thing.

any help or a super step by step would be great. thanks for your time.