Hi, we got our placed cabled up with CAT6. 

1.  We have Snap's 30Mbps Fiber Optic, when they go on their Xbox 360 homepage using the console, then Xbox One and watch the video's it pauses and resumes when the percentage bar climbs.  Is 30Mbps too slow?

2.  We connect the Xbox to the wall socket which then goes to a 8 port Gigabit network switch then leads to the internet router.  Xbox throws up an NAT error.  I think they had the same error when we had wireless, because we don't have a Xbox Wifi device, they connected a network cable to a computer running Linux for the Xbox to get a connection.  The Xbox says to turn off the router or device and back on ...... It also says the NAT type is moderate, may cause problems with multi-player and chat.  It ask that if the router allows uPnP or to open up port 3074.

Thanks :)