If anyone cares for another review of GTA IV, I got o paly it for the 1st time last night...


Game play is as usual with the missions consisting of driving around and shooting. Nothing really changed there.

The vehicle physics are something they could have done with tweaking a bit…. the cars bounce around a lot and feel they’ll tip at every corner. You do get used to it pretty quickly though. And handbraking is a deathwish….makes it fun though ;)

The sound is good as usual, with good selection of music playing, clear speech (although for the life of me I could not understand a word one NPC says, his accent is way too heavy) and lots of background sounds.

Graphics wise, its a bit odd……. yes, they are a lot better at first look. The cars are shiny, the background popups are not as noticeable as the PS2 games, and little things such as blood being left on your car after youve hit yet another pedistrian make it seem so much better. But some sections when you enter a shop/venue, the graphics look very basic, very similar to GTA:SA on PS2. The textures seem to be a lot lower quality….. but you dont spend the whole game inside, so its a minor quibble.

Theres a lot of fun things to do and see in the new Liberty City, such as causing a fight, then calling the cops and watch them arrest the guy who thumps you ;) The cellphone option giving you the chance to ring the cops etc, make for some fun situations. Such as one where I was chasing down some guys, and there was a big car accident and they started beating the crap out of me. I managed to run off and called the cops, who then turned up at the accident scene and promptly got into a firefight with the guys I had to kill and completed the mission for me.

  • Graphics : 8/10
  • Sound : 8/10
  • Gameplay : 9/10
  • Overall : 8.5/10

The above score is my opinion, but I dont actually own the game, so have only based my review on the short time I did play it.