Hope this and not the desktop computing area is the right place to post this.




I'm looking for a new monitor as a good stepup from my entry level Asus VX239 (1080, 60HZ, IPS) display. I am guessing most monitors these days will trounce it for gaming but I wanted to know of people's experiences? I mainly use my computer for my job, programming, but I imagine most monitors will do that fine so I wanted something that can be reasonably decent for games too when I play on them. I mainly play Rocket League but dabble in pretty much anything that's I don't have on a console already (I have GamePass).


I've looked at the usual suspects like the ASUS VG27AQ or the LG 27GL850 and those are on the cards but quite a bit more expensive than the G27Q and if I don't need that level of quality I'd rather save the $$




Any thoughts appreciated.