Ok... I have been researching this one for a few months now..
Basically what i want to do is..

1# Use headphones with PS3
2# Have 5.1 surround sound
3# Beable to use the mic ( speak & listen )
4# Beable to use Headphones in game & out of games.

What I have found it the PS3 will not let you use any USB headphones ingame for game fxs sound..
But USB mic will work for voice chat only.. not ideal :(

I love 5.1 surround sound to much to just use normal headphones (that i have to do right now at night time)

I will be moving to auz in the next year or so and don't want to ship my large 5.1 sound system over there..
Would like to but cost to much.. Logitech Z5500..

Ok... so after alot of google searching I found this product.. and a few like it..


They truly do look like an amazing product and will do everything i listed above..

The closest supplier I could find was in Auz and costly $360au + shipping.. ouch..

Anyone know of any companies that would buy a few into NZ and sell them??

This is such a great product i can't believe they are not on trademe..


I was even going to import a few from US can they were a lot cheap.. but being that they are powered headphones the cabling would be all US standard...

Maybe if a few people here are keep we could see if we could get a small bulk deal ??