Auckmageddon is back for the 3rd year running, once again raising the bar of gaming LANs in New Zealand

* Up to 400 Gamers.
* Bar on the gaming floor (yes you can drink at your PC)
* Heaps of prizes
* Spot prizes including bar tabs
* 10GE Core Network with GigE to all PCs
* Stupidly fast unrestricted internet access

We've got tournaments for: Starcraft 2, Battlefield 3, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft (wait whut?), Modern Warefare 3 and more!

Tickets to Auckmageddon A6 are on sale until the 10th of Feb.
So there's less than 2 weeks to secure your seat to the latest in the Auckmageddon LAN series.

Massive thanks to our sponsors:

Red bull
Mighty Ape
and more.