Hi everyone,
I just bought a set of g930s from CL yesterday. Everything was working good until I needed to charge the headset and then things went pear-shaped. I have emailed Logitech with this: 

When I try to turn on my headset I get no response from the headset, no light, nothing. I have to connect it via the usb cable to it connect, then when I disconnect the usb cable, it disconnects. I have tried charging it overnight. Also, no buttons on the headset work when connect: volume, g1/2/3, mute mic, also the mic doesn't mute when upright. Thanks, Liam

I think it might be battery related, but that doesn't explain the non-functionality of any of the features. It really sucks because this was a really nice headset, when it worked! So, I think I might have to RMA it, anybody got any possible suggestions?