Hi people...

I have a application Client/Server for Bluetooth and I only use a Bluetooth USB Device (BlueTake) in a PC Desktop with Windows XP. Execute in a console the Server and other console the Client. The information that Server show me, about address and port are: ADDR=218550875 & PORT=11.

I get this data of use getsockname() function and printing with: printf("Address: %ld Port: %d\n\n", fore_addr.btAddr, fore_addr.port).

When execute the Client and try connect to Server, show a message error: 10060 that mean, that not find this device with this address.

I don't know why this error, I think that the address and port information is not correct or is possible that can not test this application Client/Server in same PC and being necessary use two PC's Desktops both yours USB Bluetooth Devices.

You have any idea that you can help me. I hope that yes.

Thank you in advance.