I downloaded and installed vista RTM and tried to get my motorola headset working on it.
With the RC1 release of vista I had no problems getting it to work but that might have been because I upgraded from a working XP then.

The things I've tried so far are using the native windows stack which keeps resulting in windows asking me for drivers that I don't have and are not available on-line anywhere for as far as I know at least.
So I installed the toshiba stack and this has the same result
I can pair my device that is no problem but I don't have the headset functionality when I want to activate the headset it keeps asking me for those drivers I mentioned earlier.
Why stop at the toshiba stack let's go and find the latest widcomm stack is what I did next this has less efect and clutters my pc with all kinds of bluetooth icons and folders that i don't want Wink 

I would love to get this going using the windows bluetooth stack. It worked before

Thanks for any help you might offer me