Hi there,

Yesterday we had our phone line/home broadband switched from WorldNet to Snap. Since the switch the internet connection has been pretty unstable. I'll try to explain the situation in full with as much info as possible.

About a year ago there were line problems, Chorus sent out a tech and he noticed a problem with the line in the box outside the house, he also hooked up a new jackpoint inside the house as the old one was unstable.

Since then the internet has worked fine, no longer get disconnected when picking up the house phone and the connection has been stable (albeit slow, since WorldNet throttle heavily, hence the switch).

I was looking at the router stats a couple of days ago and noted the SNR/attenuation rates were all well within the guidelines in this post: http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?forumid=49&topicid=10835

However since the switch they have dropped, and the problem with the home phone disconnecting the internet has reoccurred. The attenuation is still fine but the SNR seems poor.

It hovers between 9-10.5 downstream and 7-8 upstream. From what I gather from the thread these are poor SNR margins.

We also have a max bandwidth of 11000~ down and 650 up.

Interestingly, while I was on the phone with Snap to try to get assistance for these issues, the SNR and line speed jumped to much better numbers.

The SNR went up to 11.5/11.5 and the bandwidth was at line speed, 14500 down and 850 up. I ran a speedtest while I was on the phone and the results were great. However as soon as I hung up the phone, it dropped back to the same old numbers.

I have tried everything suggested by the tech at Snap, to isolate the router/modem and have only that connected directly to the phone line, to have it connected only through a filter, to plug in each phone one by one, to try everything on a different phone jack, to use different filters etc etc etc. None of these have changed anything, the synch rate is still poor.

Can anyone assist with this or give thoughts on what could be causing this? It seems very odd to me that the internet reaches it's potential only when I am talking to someone on the phone. Also very odd that these issues all suddenly spring up at the same time as the internet gets switched over.

Thanks for reading.