I've had this problem for sometime and just can't work it out so i could use some help please.

I have a ACER (travelmate240) laptop and its wired to a Linkeys ADSL2 gateway with your average network cable.
I have had to manually enter a IP, sub, gateway and DNS address because if i don't it won't connect at all. Now i have entered
this i can connect to the other laptop in the house which is connected to the gateway so i can share files and what not. The other laptop connects to the internet without any problems, i have checked the cable i am using and its works fine becuase the other laptop can connect to the internet using it so can my xbox360.

My IP is:

Am new to this network stuff am sure i might be over looking something but i hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance, and if you need any more info then just ask me.

White Jaks.