Okay, my main computer is bringing in the internet on a Dlink wireless ethernet card. I also have a Realtek wired ethernet card installed on this computer. I have them bridged together and the Realtek card is connected to another computer on a 3ft long crossover ethernet card.

About every 30-45min, the connection resets. AIM and all other IM programs d/c on both computers, downloads fail and whatever I'm streaming to the other computer stops and fails.

My main computer is running WinXPsp2 and the other one is running WinXP-MediaCenter. It still does it with Vista running as well. Both are clean installs on the second computer. Whenever the second computer is off, I don't have these problems.

I've set the second computer to have a static IP, the card that it's connected to on the main computer I setup to be the bridge however has a dynamic IP on the network.

I've discovered that the only way to share the internet btwn these two computers is to bridge them, as if you're connected to a Lan, you can't use Windows' handy little Internet Connection Sharing.

I haven't been able to find much info on bridged connections, so I'm at quite a loss.