Hi all,

I am having some really strange problems with my internet connection right now. I am with Vodafone and we have been getting a lot of disconnections everyday. We have two modems, Huawei HG520s and HG556a, both of them would randomly disconnect when we are not using the internet, ie. when no data is being downloaded or uploaded. If I tried to load something for the entire night, there will be no disconnections. 

Another strange thing is HG566a's DSL connection will fail at about 11 pm almost everyday. We cannot get a sync for DSL until after 8 or 9 am on the next day and nothing has been turn on in our house around that time. This does not happen to the other modem. It started when tech support advised me to upgrade the firmware on that modem.

Are these problems caused by the modems? What should I do to get rid of them?

Hope I have explained the situation clear enough, thank you very much for reading and replying.