I am using BitComet Torrent software. I cannot get the yellow light to turn green on my computer. There are 2 computers connected to my network, but only mine will be downloading torrents, thus only mine needs to have a port open. I have given as much information as I can, but if more is needed, just let me know. I'd really like to figure this out as it's frustrating me a lot.

  • BitComet: version 0.90
  • Network: 1394 Net Adapter (wireless network)
    • Network Name: home2WIRE200
    • Local Interfaces: Wireless 1 - Ethernet 1
    • Local Devices: Computer 1: HOME - Hosting BitCom1 - Ethernet - Private (NAT)
    • Local Devices: Computer 2: a228-nparts - Wireless - Private (NAT)
  • Router: 2wire 2700HG-E
  • Modem: Conexant d850 56K V.9X DFVc Attached to COM3
  • Firewall: Windows XP service pack 2
  • Antivirus: AVG Free Edition
  • Spyware: Spyware Terminator
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Internet Provider: Telus adsl

This is what I have done numerous times:

1. followed all steps from: How to Set up Portforwarding & Static IP, Tips on how to speed up your downloads as well.
2. added BitCom1 to Windows XP Firewall Settings TCP 62135 port
3. added port TCP 62135 to Windows XP service pack 2 Firewall exceptions
4. in BitComet, ensured listen port was set to 62135
5. verified ip address in What Is My IP website
6. checked TCP 62135 port for my ip address at Shields Up website and it stated test failed as port was open
7. checked TCP 62135 port for my ip address at Can You See Me website & it stated could not see service, port closed
8. in BitComet, checked listening port and yellow light remains stating my ip address is blocked
9. during download of a torrent, checked peers initiation and it never said remote

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Cathie