Hi all,

So it all started when I came back from vacation.  My secretary had called an IT guy out because her internet went down. I don't know what all he did, but my three computers lost their networking and the laptop couldn't go on-line.  So I came back to two computers on line but laptop still not on line and all networks gone.

So I decided to play around with my routers settings to get the laptop back on line, and I thought the tech guy had changed some settings on my router, so I checked the disable box on the Mac address control thinking maybe this was the fix, and then my internet went down and it took me quite awhile to reconfigure all my settings to get it back up.

So anyway, the router just won't reset to the  Called and worked with Belkin for awhile and they told me to call my computer manufacturer to reset computer settings which took an hour and a half and did not result in the settings being what I needed which resulted in them telling me it was a router problem and to call Belkin or their tech support guys for $60.00 an hour.

I have plugged, unplugged, out of the wall, out of the modem, held the reset button for 60 seconds or more and I just can't get it to reset.

My secretary already spent hundreds of dollars getting the internet back up, (and I think all it needed was for the router to be reset), and I already spent hours on the phone with tech support, and a couple more messing around trying to fix it and looking for a fix online, but I am ready to buy a new router.

If anyone has any idea how to get this router to reset it would be great.