I recently acquired laptop with Vista premium. I previously sync'd Harrier via cradle to XP with my main application being Jeyo Extender for sending text messages.

What I am trying to do here is to connect the harrier to Vista via bluetooth and using the Mobile device center (which I understand to be the vista equivalent to activesync) sync my harrier to Outlook 2007.

I have successfully connected the harrier to vista as i am able to transfer files from laptop to Harrier but that appears to be the extent of it. When I try to connect to Mobile Device Center I get 'accept' 'deny' option on the Harrier and then the Mobile Device Center confirms what type of connection (eg bluetooth) and that appears to be it. It still shows it as not connected.

I am also not able to successfully connect via vista's "Sync Center", nothing shows there.

This machine comes with Norton Security Center which took a bit of tweaking to allow me to network and share files between laptop and main PC so I am making headway albeit very slowly.

Any ideas or is it even possible to sync the Harrier to Vista?