Hi there,
I have recently moved house from Glendowie to Stonefields, taking all my gadgets with me, such as my Windows Server 2012 Essentials Server (A middle-aged desktop with my 2x2TB hdds).
Anyway, since the area has been wired with Fibre to the door, we went and got fibre 200/100 Mbps, and replaced my trusty Linksys x3000 ADSL2+ Modem with a Netcomm NF5 Modem with Voice (Comes with Actrix Plan, Autoconfigured with user info).
I managed to get all of my old functionality going, with fixed local ip mapping going to my wifi printer and windows server (Now using a linksys EA6700 in Bridged mode (LAN-LAN) for WiFi connections), as well as port forwarding ports 2 (Utorrent Server), 80 and 443 (Windows server 2012 Anywhere Access).
However every now and again the modem just crashes, giving me a networking symbol with a yellow exclamation mark, and stopping me from reaching the router page until a restart the damn thing.

This issue has followed me from modem to modem, as I have already replaced a modem for causing the exact same issue from Actrix, who kindly sent me another one, only for me to dread it failing as well. It was only when I was just plagued with multiple hits of crash after crash in the past hour that drove me off the wall, and lead me into investigations, what I thought was causing the first modem issues was my TP-Link Wireless-N wifi access point (with an alternate subnet and running dhcp server, so I disabled the dhcp server and ran it through Dynamic ip, so it would grab one from the parent router in the cascade), when I isolated the issue to the cable running into the living room, which ran the 8 point switch, which ran off to the access point, the media center tablet (Through a usb 2 hub and ethernet port), and the home theatre system blu-ray player youtube function. I later discovered that the USB internet port was causing instant crashes when playing youtube videos, so I stopped using it. It also seemed that the crashing issues started with the Home theatre systems first installation. 

2 Modems later the problem still occured, so I'm still looking out for:



  1. Anywhere access and modem port forwarding (I don't really use it, but the provided web address instead of ip for accessing utorrent web ui remotely is always nice, via ({Name}.remotewebaccess.com:2/gui)), I have unplugged the cable running the server, and removed port forwarding for 2, 80 and 443.
  2. It might still be the home theatre system, back with a vengeance, If so, I might unplug the living room wifi router, or at least the H.T.S. cable
  3. Dodgy bloody cables in the house (If so, I'm screwed, this is only a 4-year old house, So I very much doubt it).
  4. Phone system causing shorts? (Runs through to a phone patch panel, using ethernet cables, in a hubble telecommunications cabinet kitted out in each house, with fibre jackpoint, TV/sky Coxial connections and ethernet/telephone wall patch panels)
  5. There had been stories of Plex messing up some motorola and other routers, so I uninstalled it, I never used it at all really.
  6. Some application of the server, like anywhere access, is messing with the router, So I disabled the upnp setting on my router to block any automatic changes or attempts of changes to router or port forwarding settings (never worked for me ever anyway, although it may kill the router with to many prompts I don't know)


I did actually have an issue for a time where the windows home server was setting itself as my primary dns, causing facebook page issues and such, until I found out, removed the dns function of the windows server, and reset all my device's dns to the actrix one, via routers settings and obtaining dns automatically.
Having issues with the server before has hightened suspicions towards it and I have pulled its cable out for now, my internet isn't crashing, but tomorrows internet activity will tell, hopefully it is sorted because I'm sick of this.
If anyone else has had similar issues, or may know about something in windows server 2012 essentials which may cause it, or the Netcomm NF5 router, let me know.
It's 2:45am I'm going to bed.
If this doesn't settle out here I will have to contact netcomm wireless support, which by the way, none of their page download links to pdfs or firmware work, at least for the NF5.