Hi everyone
I am in a bit of a quandry.  Paradise/Telstraclear/Vodafone have been my ISP providers - I wish Vodafone wasn't as they seem to be the most uncommunicative company ever! Never answer their phones so I can never get any answers or help.
I currently have a Lynksys Cisco ADSL WAG60N Modem Router. It is dropping me all the time, doesn't matter what part of the house I am in. It especially drops when my PC is working and I am on Facetime on my ipad 3 to my son in the UK. Also drops when my grandchildren are here using their phones. I like having Wifi in my house for everyone. When it drops I can press the reset button on my modem and it all starts up again... for a short while and then goes again.  The modem Router is exactly three years old and does heat up. Sometimes when I have been kicked off the 'internet' light is still on.

I went to Dick Smiths today and got a very helpful guy. He thinks the problem is my modem. they only appear to sell Routers now.

A little background. My modem/Router sits at one end of the house in my office, not too far from my main Windows 8.1 pc. so that the ethernet cable reaches to the modem. I have an extender down the other end of the house as the internet is very poor down there. I would love for the internet to work well ALL over the house :)

Do I get a new modem/router.... or do I get a modem from Vodafone (if I can ever get in contact with them) and buy a router. Or shall I go out and buy a modem and separate router?

Or should I be getting someone in (have no idea the sort of person you get in) to look at my whole phone line/internet system.

We are in Normandale and I don't this we have fibre yet.

I hope this is enough information for some kind person to be able to help me.please please please