Hi Geeks

Iam writing a code for accessing information between PC and mobiles using bluetooth in J2ME platform.

The application has to be used in a shopping mall (we call it multiplexes here) , where information regarding the various shops and offers are published by the server .The lay users have our client application running in their mobiles.
As soon as the users starts the client application, it communicates with the server and the normal client -server coversation starts using bluetooth.

Iam using Sun Java Wireless toolkit for the purpose.

The application works fine as far as the emulator is concerned.

Now , i want my PC to be acting as a bluetooth Server , which will publish the required information.
Iam using StreamConnection (btspp) with Avetana api for converting  my PC to a Bluetooth Server. Iam attaching my Bluetooth dongle for the said purpose.

But now , after i start the Bluetooth Server application in PC , and then start my client application in mobile, the mobile client is unable to detect the bluetooth server.

My Bluetooth Server application is able to detect the mobile though.

Any help will be really useful..