Hi everyone, I am getting bluetooth headsets for myself and my partner and I am interested in hearing any thoughts and recommendations.  (Christmas pressie!)

We both have Motorolas (although we plan on going back to Nokia's at the first opportunity! lol) and while I figure that most headsets will be compatible with them, and I quite like the look of the Motorola H700's and H850's. There are on Trademe for around the $35-50 mark, although there appear to be a shedload of fakes around... on the one hand I don’t want to buy fake crap, but on the other I regard the Vodafone and retail markups as pretty ridiculous (like paying $130 for a 1GB mini SD card I ended up paying $30 for...).

Does anyone know of any reputable/decent vendors in the Wellington area?
Does anyone have any makes and models they recommend?

Thanks in advance for your help!