Hi all.. hoping someone can put me out of my misery....

I have dilligently gone thru all the posts, and tried applying the advice given to my scenario but to no avail...

I would not only like to be able to conntect to the internet and use MSN Messenger from my LOOX, but also have a static IP address on the device so that i may connect to it using other software.

My current config is:

Lan NIC:
Static IP,
DG: (my adsl router),
DNS: (my adsl router)

Static IP:
DG: Blank
DNS: Blank

on the LOOX. i have the Rappore Technologies Adaptor (which i belive is the Blue Tooth adaptor) set to Server assigned IP, although i would like this to be static as a secondary request.

The connections are set to Work Settings, Work Settings and Work.

When i initiate Pocket Free and select internet... i am given the option of LAN or PAN. (basically anyone who could enlighten me on the difference i would be grateful). I have tried both to no avail. Trying the test on one of your forums.. it's not DNS which is the problem.. but more the conneciton itself.

Thanks in advance