Hi All,

I am running Xnet, connecting through a ADSL modem (DSL-302g) which is then connected to a BELKIN wireless G plus mimo router. The router runs my desktop (windows xp sp2) internet connection, as well as my laptop (vista ultimate) either by wireless or ethernet cable, depending on how close I am etc.
I am having some problems, in that I seem to be getting constantly disconnected from the internet, perhaps every 20-30 mins or so, and this is quite regular. It also seems to be isolated to when I have the wireless router hooked up. As if I remove this and just run my desktop internet connection through the ADSL modem everything runs perfectly. However it cannot be the wirless router itself I dont think as this is brand new (mmio) and the same problem happened on my other brand new (belkin wireless g router).

I am running the wireless router as dynamic setting - I dont know if this is correct. I have tried ppoe, but did not work.
I am currenlty using channel 11 in the wireless router.
My desktop is running to obtain IP adress automatically, and DNS is set to

I tried to setup a wirless network between my Desktop and my laptop I can see my desktop shared folder on my laptop, but I cant work out how to remove this wireless sharing, in case this is causing the problem. I would love to know how to delete this, but when i go to Network I cannot see anything that indicates it is there - i.e only my internet connection icon. But i know it is running since I can see my desktop shared folder on my laptop.

Appreciate any and all help!



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