Anyone upgraded to the 3011 - I've put one into service upgrading from the 2011 and now have a couple of issues.


With a few changes to match the new device I've imported the config from the 2011 but have the following happening.


1) constant collision and excessive broadcast messages in the log - I've spent a lot of time looking at the rules, bridges and anything else I can find - disabled ports removed devices however the messages still occur - it's not high cpu usage as it never gets over 16%.


The mikrotik forum has a thread about this issue and a suggestion is that it's related to a bridge having ports from both switches in it however I've checked that this is not the case.


It's all a bit odd because I get collisions even on inactive ports.


2) we have 2 WAN's feeding this one's a 200/200 which works fine however if I active the other wan 100/50 connection speed test shows i get around 5mbps (plug it back into the 2011 and it's full speed)


Being a new product I guess it's still a little beta but just wondering if anyone has the same issues?