I've got a Netgear router flashed with Gargoyle and have been successfully connecting onto it with both the web interface and via SSH, using PuTTY and WinSCP.  However, when I tried to connect today it's not connecting.  The web access is still fine, but WinSCP and PuTTY are failing.  I turned on logging in WinSCP and here's what it output:


2016-05-01 14:17:56.692 Opening session as main channel
. 2016-05-01 14:17:56.693 Opened main channel
. 2016-05-01 14:17:56.727 Started a shell/command
. 2016-05-01 14:17:56.739 --------------------------------------------------------------------------
. 2016-05-01 14:17:56.739 Using SCP protocol.
. 2016-05-01 14:17:56.740 Doing startup conversation with host.
. 2016-05-01 14:17:56.794 Skipping host startup message (if any).
> 2016-05-01 14:17:56.794 echo "WinSCP: this is end-of-file:0"
. 2016-05-01 14:17:56.794 Server sent command exit status 1
. 2016-05-01 14:17:56.794 Disconnected: All channels closed
* 2016-05-01 14:17:56.861 (EFatal) **Connection has been unexpectedly closed.** Server sent command exit status 1.
* 2016-05-01 14:17:56.861 Error skipping startup message. Your shell is probably incompatible with the application (BASH is recommended).


It last connected fine about a week ago.  In that time, I've tweaked a couple of the QoS and DHCP settings, but nothing that should affect this.  And as I say, the web interface connection is working fine.


Anyone have an ideas around this please?