Hopefully this is the right place to post this, if not let me know and I'll delete it and move it to the proper place. I'm in the beta for ipv6 on Bigpipe, but I don't think this is strictly related to their service. 


I have two windows 10 computers, a desktop hard wired, and a surface pro 4. The desktop is running Win10 enterprise, and the laptop Win10 Pro. About every 36-48 hours, they both stop routing over ipv6 until I disable and re-enable the adapter or reboot the computer completely. Both will show as having 2 ipv6 addresses, a temporary and a full address. Attempting to browse to any site that is strictly ipv6 (ipv6.google.com) fails entirely. 


There is a mac laptop as well as two android devices (phone and tablet) that do not have this issue at all. They keep routing through ipv6 with no problem. 


My setup is a drytek 310 in bridged mode to an edgerouter lite, set up using michaelmurfy's tutorial for both the erl setup and the ipv6 setup. The desktop is wired, and the laptop is wireless through a tp-link in ap only mode. 


I'm a noob when it comes to networking so if it's something dumb I've not set up or something, please let me know. Thanks for any help. 


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