Posting in here since theres no forum dedicated to printers and the printer is on the lan ;)

Had enough of the dicky carts from inkworks and dse, and the real ones are too pricy so I'm thinking of either getting a set of refillables for each of my printers (epson C63, and C67) or else a continuous ink system for one of them and refillables for the other (one gets more use then the other because I am too lazy to change paper in the printer I get one for each type). I would also be buying several bottles of pigment ink to fill things up with.

So anyway, there are loads of systems on ebay, and some people say that there is a huge variance in quality between the them. What have people had experiance with and how did they go.

Also, has anyone had a shot at running pigment ink thru a non pigment printer like the R230 photo stylus. I have read many forums where people are asking about it, but no real sucess or failure stories.