I currently have 3 laptops and a PS3 connected wirelessly with a netgear 614 router and a dsl302g modem.
It is ok but it crashes now and again and i can't get the PS3 to work with GTA4 or streaming music or movies from my laptop (it drops the connection after a couple of minutes). I figured rather than have a separate modem and router I should get one combined unit that i can easily access and set up so I can enjoy online GTA4 high jinks.

If possible i would like to hook my printer to the unit so i can hide the printer away rather than bring it out every time i use it.

I am also looking for a back up hard drive. PB tech have some cheap maxtor ones advertised. I reckon 320 or 500GB would be more than enough. I need it to back up photos and documents mainly. Needs to be easy to use and reliable.  Any experience with these ones. They seem to be getting cheaper every week.

Any recomendations on the modem/router or the hard drive will be appreciated. I am planning on going shopping next week end.