I have a treo 750w and using Vista. I initiated the bluetooth connection via the computer, the passkey went through and it appears bluetooth is working. When I start the "connect via bluetooth" from the treo, it tries to open the port and comes back and says "cannot start communications with the desktop computer. The comm port is not available...." I have no idea how to get around this. The computer's bluetooth shows outgoing port is com 8 and the incoming port is comm 11. The treo bluetooth settings shows only 4 incoming com port selections (0, 4, 7, 8) and shows no options for outgoing ports. I am stuck and in need of any advice on how to fix this as I am approaching 10 hours messing with this. ALSO, when trying to sync to the desktop for the first time using a USB cable, the computer recognizes the treo, loads the default software, and then Windows Mobile Device Center does not open or recognize the phone (I have another Windows PDA working with WMDC fine, but the treo will not synch. Any suggestions??? Much appreciated.