Hope someone can help me out here, I'm pretty sad that after using my shiny new Motorola S9 bluetooth headphones in the gym for a few weeks with my tiny samsung mp3 player I suddenly foudn the controls on them stopped working. I can no longer adjust volume level or pause.

After some investigation on the internet it would appear they don't like sweat and this causes the controls to stop working.

Now I bought them on trademe, and the person I bought them off refuses to answer emails (gee what a surprise). I've contacted mobilefonerepair, 0508 motorola, and a few other places and no one knows anything.

So what do I do now? Throw away my $120 purchase??

Appreciate any help anyone can suggest for me. Also if anyone knows of anything that *is* suitable for a gym environment and doesn't make me look like a complete dork, that would be great :)