Hi everybody

My ISP is using a proxy server.
and a static IP is what I'm using to connect to the server.
I'm connecting two desktiop computers via a couple of lan adapters and a crossed cable.
the two computers are connected no problem.
I'm sharing the files and folders and drivers and even the printer no problem
I'm sharing the internet between the two computers ....and here comes the problem...

I am running Opera on both of them and I can browse the internet on both machines at the same time no problem

See the Problem-------> I am running BitLord the torrent client on each of the machines but once I start the one on the client machine the download speed of bitlord on the host machine starts to fade away until it is 0. and nothing to bring it back untill I disconnect the machine from the other. 

I tried to swith off the windows fire wall but the same result
I tried to change to listing port number on Bitlord on the client machine but the same result
I tried to uninstall bitlord on the client machine and got uTorrent instead but the same result.

All that and the Opera still not affected at all even during I'm downloading using it.

can anyone help me before I get crazy. or shoot my self?