I've been having ongoing teething problems with Bluespace NE on a new Vaio Z1MP. I've had all the bluetooth devices working, then for no particular reason when I start Bluespace NE software, it immediately shows a status error "Fail to initialise VCOMM. Please install VCOMM driver." so you don't even get an opportunity to search for bluetooth devices.

Sony haven't been much help - I've done 2 system restores, had the stuff all working again, then it's dropped out. It started working again today for a while (switched off Bluetooth, shut Bluespace, then re-opened them) but now it's stopped again. I thought it might be something to do with the computer going into hibernation - all Sony said was that they couldn't guarantee Bluespace NE would work when the computer comes back out of hibernation, which isn't a lot of help! Has anyone had similar problems? I'm tearing my hair out!!