I purchased these stereo headphones a while ago and they have been working fine up til a few weeks ago. I was able to make and receive calls fine but more importantly I was able to listen to music from my titan windows media player without any problems for a few weeks.

For some strange reason a problem developed when I am trying to listen to music and that is the sound becomes jittery. When this is happening I notice on the titan the WMP time shows the the song going fwd few sec then back a few sec and so on and so on. The sound to my headphones reflects this as it pasuses stops, goes back pauses stops and then after a while it continues ok for about 5 - 10 sec fine then the problem reoccurs.

I am still able to make phone calls fine.

I have tried:
Turning off all wireless devices, router, cordless phone, even the microwave and tv.
I have removed device from titan and reconnected again.
Tried it outside, and in different buildings with varying results.
Fully discharged battery and recharged,
Did full hard reset on titan.

Thinking it must be the headphones as it worked fine for several weeks from brand new I contacted supplier who advised me of warranty process. Before I went through with this I bluetooth connected headphones to my laptop and...... the damn thing works fine!

This then leads me to the issue being with the titan but I am not sure what has caused it to worked flawlessly then suddenly develop this problem. Is there some sort of bluetooth software upgrade that is required? I regularly sync titan to laptop for work so dont want to try anything that would compromise that.