I have a Insignia bluetooth wireless headphones that I want to use to listen to my Viso VO37L flat screen TV. So I put a Soundblaster Audigy soundcard in my spare computer and connected the TV headphone jack to the input line of the soundcard. I can now have the TV audio playing through the computers speakers. The problem is that no matter what I try I can't get the signal to the headphones. I have WIDCOMM bluetooth software installed on the computer and it works fine ,I can hear all Window XP sounds as well as the media player and other software audio. I tried using a few recording software programs thinking I could use the monitoring feature to hear the in-line input, but even though I could record the input and hear the replay I couldn't hear the monitor. This whole Idea seemed so simply but not I am thinking that "you can't get there from here". If anyone knows what I am missing I would appreciate the help. Thanks.