I've recently purchased a MS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000. Out of the box it works fine (no dongle required) with my Dell Vostro 1310 (Vista Business). However, when I connect my Nokia 6220 Classic via bluetooth, things get a little funky. The mouse sometimes goes a little sluggish, but more importantly the phone struggles to get a solid bluetooth connection to the laptop (connects, then drops out, then might connect again). Neither device has any issue when used in isolation.

It seems pretty obvious that there is some interference issue going on here, but given all three devices are almost new, I thought modern bluetooth systems were designed to avoid this kind of problem? The laptop has a "MS Bluetooth Enumerator" and a "Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Module" listed as bluetooth hardware if that's any help. Drivers (laptop) and firmware (phone) are up to date.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.