I need an external ethernet port for my Asus G14 which has no built in ethernet.

I have an HP G4 USB-C (Blue) Dock.

HP USB-C Dock G4 Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support


I can only get around 200 Mbps download via the HP Dock.

I have also tested a Dell USB-C dock and a Asus USB Type A ethernet adaptor, both adaptors achieve 900 Mbps.

I have just bought a new USB-C cable rated for 5 Gbps data transfer. Same result.

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There are no network drivers for the HP Dock, but I have updated the firmware.

I tested the Asus USB Type A Ethernet adaptor plugged into the HP Dock and again Max speed is capped to 200 Mbps.


I can only conclude the USB-C connection from the HP dock to the G14 is somehow the bottle neck, but I cannot think what else I can try but testing other cable brands? 


Any ideas?