Are Telecom having me on?

I'm trying to use my Telecom Xtra supplied Thomson TG585v7 wireless modem/router as a gateway for my Vodafone 3G Nokia N80. the Nokia can 'see' the Thomson as an available WirelessLAN but when I enter it as a Gateway Access Point I get error 'WLAN: Unable to connect. WLAN network not found'.

I called the Xtra Helpdesk expecting them to work through my Access Point settings only to be told that their Broadband service does not support Vodafone based devices! They ended up putting me through to their NZ Mobile Broadband team who I couldn't make understand that I wasn't trying to access their network.

Before I gird my loins for the battle that is Xtra Support can someone please confirm:

Do Telecom really not support what I'm trying to do?
Should I be talking to Xtra or Nokia to resolve my problem?

And just in case I can avoid having to make the call, the Access Point settings I'm using on the Nokia are:

Data Bearer: Wireless LAN
WLAN Network Name: Thomson (Selected from Search)
Network Status: Public
WLAN network mode: Infrastructure
WLAN Security mode: WPA/WPA2
WLAN Security Settings: Pre-shared key (double checked), TKIF encryption: Not allowed