Hi guys have been in search for wireless speakers for a PC for a while now and have only come up with these 2 options:
Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile
Sirroco Wireless Audio Bridge

The first optio is a blutooth option designed for playing music from you phone but I am pretty sure it can connect to PC blutooth to stream music. Can anyone confirm this?

The second option is a netwrk bridg that is pretty much a networded sound card that you can plug speakers into. This option is pretty expensive but also powerful, is a bit of an overkill for my needs.

I would have though that there would be heaps or bluetooth speakers out there that connect to your PC so you can have wireless music. Am not wanting something like the squeeze box as that is the actual device just streaming stored music, I want something that I can play music or any audio sound from my pc to wireless speakers.

Does anyone know of anything? Cheers