I've seen a few posts on here (now locked) from other people who have bought this cheap USB dongle from Singapore etc. ... It ships with IVT BlueSoleil, and when installed seemed to connect fine with BT devices including my Nokia 6230.

My gripe with it was that I couldn't get Nokia PC Suite working with the BlueSoleil stack ... mainly because Nokia's software only supports 4 stacks:
• Digianswer Bluetooth Software Suite
• Microsoft Windows XP Bluetooth
• WIDCOMM Bluetooth for Windows (BTW 1.4.x, BTW 3.x.x.x)
• Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for Windows XP/2000

So, I set out to install the Widcomm stack and hope that it would run with my ES-509.

Now, I did my research and found a few forums (this one included), and came across this thread on another forum:
thread on mp3car.com

Although my dongle wasn't on the list of devices tried and tested, I decided to give it a go.

I followed the instructions word for word ... ESPECIALLY all the preparation parts ... uninstalled IVT BlueSoleil, downloaded ALL relevant files beforehand, rebooted, disabled anti-virus and firewall etc. (+ pulled my network cable out), installed everything ... and guess what? It worked first time and has done ever since.

Hopefully this helps some of the other ES-509 purchasers out there ... and remember to follow the instructions word for word.

My setup:
USB Bluetooth dongle; Prodigy ES-509
Windows 2000 Pro., with Nokia PC suite 6.5.10
Nokia 6230, firmware - no idea sorry