NOKIA handset + EDGDE enabled of highest India!!!

Hi mobile geeks (as well as computer geeks)...

I am planning to purchase a NOKIA handset very soon may be in next 4-5 days...



The nokia handset must be EDGE enabled (not merely GPRS) and that too of highest class (those who r aware even EDGE and GPRS are of various classes like 3,4, 10 etc etc) available in India.

The above is the most important feature required and may be the only feature required apart from being bluettoth enabled.

b. Preferably (second requirement: imporatnt but not MUST):

bluetooth enabled.


All other features whether they r there or not does not matter to me in any way...if they r there good...if not no regrets....

As u must have understood I am planning to use internet access on computer through mobile office airtel through Nokia EDGE handset.
Please advice considering that two features

a. EDGE of highest class in India...AND
b. Bluetooth

must be present and COST should be minimum for above two features.

Rest features do not matter at all.

But yes if by spending more say rs 1000 or say rs 2000; i can get substantial other features than what i want...then please advise that also...

My budget is quite quite flexible but want something around rs 8000 - 10000 maximum (although its flexible and can be increased)...


Also which bluetooth dongle and bluetooth enabled headset is best...???? for the headset advised above by you..??????????

If you want to add something or suggest otherwise or for that matter anything please feel free to do so; so that informed decision making is possible.

Thanks as always for valuable insights and help.

Best regards