Hello, i am doing my final year project for for submission in my school. I require to design a Bluetooth communication system for Pocket PC to retrieve data from PC and send the acknowledgement back to PC.
Currently i am using EVC++ 4.0 to code the GUI for PDA and and now i have no idea how to do the connection interface between PDA and PC.I am a newbie to this Programming Language. Hope somebody can guide me to solve this problem. Thankz..

The PC will be sending a task via Bluetooth communication to a staff which is holding a PDA with build-in Bluetooth. The message will be shown on PDA's message box(which the GUI i have been done). By clicking a "MESSAGE RECEIVED" to acknowledge back to the PC . The stage will be store in database at the backend.
(P/S:There are 1 server and 20 PCs using in this project and PDA is iPAQ 1940)

Meaning that one to multipoint of Bluetooth connection needed to let the PDA communicate with different PCs. And all the information will be store in the Server.Do anyone can help me? Thankz..