I have been digging for information to try and use my Motorola HS810 headset with Skype and am 99% of the way to my goal, however I have one final problem to sort out.

Headset: Motorola HS810
BT Dongle: PMR USB (Cambridge Silicon Radio firmware 525)
BT Driver suite: Widcomm
Skype version:
Windows: XP Home v5.1 build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519:Service Pack2)

I have updated my original BT drivers supplied with my dongle to the patched Widcomm suite and have gone through the necessary contortions to get the suite working and to recognise my dongle. I have then worked out how to attach the headset and how to route audio to it as well as setting Skype to use it as the preferred audio device (bluetooth audio device not bluetooth high quality audio device). When I do a test to the skype answering machine, I hear the announcer's voice but it is little tinny and also what I would describe as choppy or stuttering. The pauses are very brief (in the order of a tenth of a second) but are such that the message takes longer than normal to playback and the bell for the start of recording my message sounds before the announcer has finished stuttering (about a 2 second overlap). When I record my voice and it is played back to me, my voice is affected in the same way.

My CPU usage is below 10% during all of this and the machine is a 1 month old Vaio desktop (3Ghz, 512Mb memory - 440Mb in use)

Any suggestions as to what might be causing the problem? Is it a limitation of either the bluetooth headset or the dongle, a codec problem or something to do with the BT config?

Also, if I try to use the Bluetooth High quality audio device I don't hear anything over the headset at all.

Would very much appreciate any suggestions to complete this process!