I recently got a BT-338 GPS receiver and paired it successfully with my PDA and also with my PC. In my PC's case, it attached to COM port 18 - but the iGuidance mapping software only supports up to COM 16. I followed some instructions on how to remove 'nonpresent devices' via:


then on Device manager, click | View | Show Hidden - and removed the nonpresent devices by deleting them. I went a step too far, though - I also removed the bluetooth COM ports in use.

Now when I try to connect to my BT-338 (after deleting its bluetooth profile & rebooting) after re-creating it and re-pairing, my PC says that 'No services found on BT-GPS-311359'. A quick connect results in:

'Service Bluetooth is not found on device BT...'.

Under Advanced Configuration - Bluetooth Configuration - Client Applications (from the bluetooth icon in the systray), I noticed that there wasn't a Serial port listed, so I clicked on Add Com Port. The GPS unit will pair but the PC says that it can't find any services on it. I was able to see the services on my cell phone (though that model doesn't have a serial port).

I'm using the WidComm drivers on WinXP SP2. Has anyone experienced this before? I thought I did something to my GPS but when I tried on a different PC, I got paired and connected - and my PDA hasn't any problems connecting either, so I think that rules out the GPS being the problem?

Thanks in advance!