current wireless network configuration that works great
  - phone jack - dsl502t - dwl3200ap

we wanted to add some bandwidth restrictions and use logging so i have tried adding in an hs1100
  - phone jack - dsl502t - hs1100 - dwl3200ap

i am not using the wireless on the hs1100 it is disabled

in the current configuration reports 12mbps to 14mbps

with the hs1100 that drops to below 0.8mbps with massive ( non regular ) pauses between transmissions ie connection to the internet becomes unuseable

also if i connect the pc directly using ethernet to lan 2,3 or 4 of the hs1100 while the dwl3200ap is turned on and connected to lan1 of the hs1100 speedtest is also below 0.8mpbs etc

any ideas what to try / what could be wrong?

i feel like i've tried everything but nothing seems to make a difference