Can anybody help me?
What i have:
1. i-mate JAM (WM 2003) w/ recent ROM Upgrade (1.12.00 WWE)
2. NAVMAN 4420 Bluetooth GPS

Now all i need to do is get the the connection between the GPS and the JAM. Simple, right?

-The bluetooth software on the JAM can see and add the GPS to the JAM.
-The BT on the JAM cannont configure the COM ports because of bug in software; for example:
in the BT option for connections the only selection for incomming port is COM0, the only selection for outgoing port is COM0. Does not give any selection for other COM ports.

- as far as i'm aware the GPS acts like a serial port.
- In bluetooth settings the serial port setup
Inbound COM port: COM4
Outbound COM port: COM5
-but the option for selection is not given hence only the COM0 is given.

Does this make sense to anybody and if so can you help me before i tear out all my hair!