Well this half ethernet and half gaming topic. I have a little problem. 2 weeks ago I made a game private server. It runs in VM Ware Workstation on a virtual maschine (Red HAt Linux). The server is built and configed in the Virtual Machine. Well heres the thing when i start the server up its all online and the game client works but it wont let others connect to it. I used a port opener to open ports 9999; 9998; 9997 and also added them to the firewall exeptions ( both TCP and UDP) and checked if they are opened on canyouseeme.org . Then i pinged google from the Virtual machine but returns unknown host. In netconfig (on the virua maschine) the IP is changed because if i put my correct IP address it will conflict with my internet and it goes away and have to reset the modem. So i have 3 last digits changed ( from xx.xx.xx.128 to xx.xx.xx.228) and it would be like this:
IP adress: xx.xx.xx.228
Default Gateway: xx.xx.xx.128
Primary Nameserver: xx.xx.xx.128
I also tried to come up with other ip's. the server starts on it but the client then wont even work for me and still wont ping. Does anyone know what problem can be??

I will be wery thankful.