I'm using the Kensington K33348 with my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop, running an Intel Duo Core, 3Gb ram, vista home premium 32bit, using it with the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for bluetooth. After a couple minutes of good operation, as soon as the mouse cursor enters any window with a scroll bar, either vertical or horizontal, the scroll bar races back and forth very fast and will not cease until the adapter is removed. My system has good quality internet security, antivirus and trojan software and comes up completely clean after a full system scan. Device manager shows no missing or nonworking drivers. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled both the adapter software and the Microsoft Intellipoint mouse software. Everything else on the system, hardware and software, works perfectly fine. I contacted Kensington support with all this same info and they stated it was a mouse problem but the problem continues even after I remove the mouse's batteries and
doesn't stop until the adapter is removed from the port. Can anyone please offer some knowledgeable advice as to what else may be causing this to occur and how to fix it?