Hi guys,

New to the forum, hoping for a bit of help! I recently purchased a Sony Ericsson MBR-100 bluetooth music receiver in the hopes of protecting my laptop audio in slot, because i have had 3 laptops' motherboards break due to cable pressure from the audio jack.

I had no problems adding the mbr-100 to the laptop (windows 7) but the music output is only ok, not superb. cymbals are distorted, hihats are washy and generally anything with a lot going on suffers.

Ok i thought, that might be A2DP's limitation, or the MBR-100 doesnt have great bitrate or was downscaling somehow (im not an expert so i might be talking rubbish with that sentence). HOWEVER, when i tried the same device with my iphone, the output was crystal clear. and i mean perfect.

how would i go about tweaking the laptops bluetooth audio sink output bitrate? if an iphone is capable of it, then a fairly top of the line sony vaio can?

i have the widcomm bluetooth stack installed, and have seen various sites suggesting tweaking the microsoft bluetooth registry with fields like BitPool but i don't have those entries presumably because widcomm got rid of them. Do you have any suggestions on either
1) getting the microsoft stack /bluetooth registry entries back?
2) the equivalent tweaks for the widcomm/broadcom bluetooth stack?

Please help me!

Thanks so much for reading this.