Has anyone connected to a Telecom Wi-Fi hotspot using a Palm device?
I got as far as connecting - but don't know what to do next... ie how do you log in with your prepaid card?
I couldn't seem to connect to any webpages using Palm Web Pro - clicking Home tried to take me to my usual home page and timed out as did every other page I tried... as did email (presumably because I was not logged in) - so how do I get to a login page?
I assume this will work the same with other hotspots and as I will be in Melbourne over New Year would be keen to get this sorted :-)
I know is must be possibe as the Wi-Fi card came with a $10 prepaid Telecom hotspot card - but with no related instructions...

BTW - I use a Palm Tungsten T3 with PalmOne Wifi Card (yes, I can connect with no problems to my home network).