I am using BlueSoleil for my Bluetooth PC configuration.

i am using XP Sp1.
I have a Tungsten E2 with Palm OS 5
I can HotSync with no problem.

I Have a Connection for PC via Bluetooth.

When I try to connect under the Network Prefs on the E2, It appears to be attempting to sign on but it never does. BlueSoleil tells me that The device is connected, then the connection just times out.

I did not specify a username or password on the E2 because there is not one set up through BlueSoleil.

I found that a script is necessary for my E2 to connect, however the entire script is not retained.

Delay: 1

"CLIENT SERVER" does not reappear after I click "OK" and bring up the script again. I get no error messages except for when I try to Connect to the web, the page cannot be accessed.

My Network Connection Log shows:
"Connect Log

S: ^M
Err: 0x121F

Not Connected

Service Name:
Local IP Address:
Gateway address:
DNS addresses:

Now what am I not doing correctly?