I have installed two go blue USB bluetooth (TDK) on both PCs and I use them to create a WLAN and share internet connection.
The PC having internet connection has xp home.
The PC using the internet connection of the above PC has xp pro.

If I log into the PC with xp home as a user with limited previligas (non-administrative), the bluetooth stack (WIDCOMM) cannot start and the whole think won't work. herefore I have to log into this PC always as administrator!

Other PC with xp pro works fine with all user accounts.

The error message that I get from a limited account upon startup of windows is: "Error: BTstackserver cannot start."

I tried to force the windows to start BTStackserver.exe manually by adding it to the startup programs. I restarted and checked by task manager confirmed that the file was running this time, but then another error! " Cannot find any bluetooth devices".

I have installed the bluetooth software on both PCs the same way, one works, the other not!